Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fireplace Paint That Can Renew Your Brick

To paint or not to paint—is that your question?

If it isn’t, maybe it should be.

Do you have an ugly brick fireplace in your home that you don’t know what to do with?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to clean your fireplace brick?

Have you thought about painting your fireplace in the past but hesitated because it seemed too difficult, or too expensive, or because you were afraid that once you did decide to paint you might not be able to go back?

Fact is, painting your brick fireplace is a bold step. Not only are you dramatically altering the appearance of the fireplace itself, you’re overhauling the appearance of your entire house. Add in the potential costs and the possible headaches involved in doing the job right and before you know it you’ve chickened out.

Anyway, as long as you don’t act today you can always act tomorrow—right? 

But what if you’re tired of looking at that burned out hole, day after day, and you want to do something about it as soon as possible? What if you do want to dramatically alter the appearance of the fireplace? What if you do want to overhaul the appearance of your entire home? And what if you could accomplish all of the above at relatively little expense and fantastic results—all using a process that’s not only easy but fun?

I found out that you can and just look at how my personal brick fireplace turned out with this easy 7 Step Brick Painting Guide and the beautiful matte finished color themed, specialized brick paint. The results were more than I ever expected.  I acquired a new sponsor in Brick Anew by showing off their wonderful Brick Paint kit. So...... drum roll please.................. Here is my fireplace before and after photos.

WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK? I used Twilight Taupe color theme. Twilight Taupe is a combination of taupe, tan, beige and cream. A popular color that blends easy and resembles tumbled marble or natural sandstone.

May I also suggest along with your fabulous new brick fireplace:

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