Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project Overwhelming Finished!

My recent project to help my sponsor with a new customer was a bit of a challenge. She wanted things a little different then I had expected. Even though her fireplace is small in comparison to some that I have done, it took a little longer then it should have.  Not only was her fireplace a dark brick and very porous, but here her room was overpowered by it. It truly dominated her small, windowless den. She had already chosen the Twilight Taupe kit. The mortar was really recessed so the base coat took awhile to apply and the brick was rough.  

After applying color 1, the glaze, and color 2 (all of which went quickly) I had enough confidence to "customize" the process by adding a bit of  wall paint (the darker tan on the right wall in the after picture) to what remained of color 2 and we reapplied it with the sponge. We also tinted color 3 the same way and used it very lightly as the final highlight. (Hint: Dab paint on a plain piece of cardboard a few times while you mix until you are pleased with the shade. Squeeze as much paint out of the sponge as possible before applying. You can always go over it again.) Even though the clear coat is optional I highly recommend it to protect and enhance your "new" fireplace. She had a navy leather sofa and chair and she wanted her den color scheme to be a navy, cream, and dark tan.  Her old red-orange brick just "fought" her decorating efforts.

She LOVED the results and her den appears much larger, lighter, and the fireplace now harmonizes with her decor. The final result was amazing! Why didn't I do this years ago!!?? I don’t recommend if you haven't used the product that "customizing" the final color is the best idea, But she wanted deeper and had found the final effect of the Twilight Taupe to be a little lighter than she had expected, and what she wanted was a little "warmer" color.

I did advise her to make sure as we did this that we "step back" and evaluate during each step!   Susan and my sponsor were elated with the results so much that she has been spreading the word all over the internet and to her friends.

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  1. Beautiful transformation. We are getting a fireplace for the first time in the new home we're building. Anxious to see what I can learn from your site!

  2. Great job!

    Thanks for sharing at Beautify It Monday!

    -Four Sisters

  3. Looks great, your fireplace looks really similar to my moms. Ill have to show her this!
    Thanks for linking up to our Sunday Round Up link party. Hope to see you again this weekend :)



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