Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fireplaces through the Seasons - Guest Post

If there is only one fireplace in your house, it’s usually in the lounge, the sitting room, the family room; whatever you like to call the hub of your home. If you don’t have a fireplace at home yet, you probably feel like you would like one. The fireplace is a very practical centerpiece to any room in the house, and it is also the type of centerpiece that will evolve over the seasons.

The Fireplace in Winter

Winter is the time when a fireplace really comes into its own. It’s the season fireplaces were made for. There’s nothing better than curling up on the armchair in front of a warm roaring fire with loved ones, or watching the family pet doze on the rug by the hearth. A real log fire burning in the home is a treat for all the senses. Staring into the dancing flames is relaxing; smelling the roasting logs is soothing and feeling the glowing warmth keeps the winter blues away. And of course every fireplace places a vital role in the family home at Christmas – not only is it a place to leave cookies and milk for Santa and hang the stockings, but it’s also perfect for decorating with a holly garland or wreath.

The Fireplace in Spring

As spring time starts to get a little warmer, it’s likely that there won’t be the need to have the fire lit so often. But that’s okay because when it isn’t lit the logs still look decorative and the mantelpiece can be put to good use for displaying Easter and Mother’s day cards, and fresh flowers cut from the garden. Some families even like to have a small Easter tree and the mantelpiece is the perfect setting. When there aren’t flowers or celebrations, pictures and ornaments look stylish on the mantelpiece.  

The Fireplace in Summer

You almost certainly won’t need to light the fire if you have warm summers in your area.  At this time of year, the fireplace becomes an absolute centrepiece for any room. If you are one of the many house swapping USA residents that like to take part in home exchanges for your vacation, you may want to screen off the fire to prevent your house guests using it for safety reasons. There are a lot of different types of fire screens available and some antique ones are very beautiful. If you are creative you could make your own fire screen using wood decorated with decoupage. Another way to show that the fireplace is out of use for the summer is to use it for floral decorations. Instead of the smell of roasting wood, you will fill your home with the smell of fresh cut bouquets instead and brighten up your living room.

The Fireplace in Fall

As the temperature begins to drop again, you’ll probably be looking longingly at your fireplace in anticipation of the weather becoming cold enough for you to light the fire.  Fall is a time to dust off the hearth, cut some fresh fire wood and get ready for some cosy nights in. If you’re feeling extravagant the first time you light the fire putting some natural spices such as vanilla or cinnamon in to burn with the logs will throw beautiful scents around your home.

Guest Post by Katie

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