Thursday, May 24, 2012


Spring is coming and you surely have a lot of cleaning up to do! In order to catch up with your cleaning task, here are five helpful tips you can try:

1.       Clean your window panes.  
Have you noticed how hard it is to remove dust and dirt on your windows during spring when you use an ordinary cloth or paper? Well, you have to use squeegees with rubber edges or any material with rubbery texture so that dirt and dust will be easily removed. To begin, simply dip a sponge in warm water and a few drops of soap. Wipe the dirt and dust on your window until these are partly removed. Next, wet the squeegee and then clean your window starting with the upper portion going down. Repeat the process and wipe the window sills with dry cloth thereafter.

2.       Clean your carpets, rugs, and mats.
Another spring cleaning tip is to clean your carpet, rugs and mats at home. For those made of cotton and other washable materials, you can simply wash them up using detergent and let them dry outdoors. For carpets made of wool, you can ask the help of a dry cleaner or professional cleaner so that the material won’t be easily destroyed. Those with carpets made of synthetic materials; you can use an extractor to clean the traces of soap and fiber.
3.       Clean up the blinds or curtains.  
You can remove dirt on your curtains by having them dry cleaned or vacuumed. Make sure that you clean those heavy curtains before keeping them in time for spring. Otherwise, the dirt and dust would stain your curtains. In the case of wooden blinds, you can apply some wood cleaner on them. Those who use blinds made of aluminum; you can just wash them with water and cleaner outdoors. Make sure you wipe them with dry cloth afterwards though.

4.       Remove stains on your household fabrics.  
During the cold months, you can’t avoid spilling some wine, candle wax and even hot chocolate on your household fabrics like tablecloths. As spring comes, wash those stains away using a mild detergent or bleach solution. Water soluble stains like wine and hot chocolate are easier to remove. For wax, you can apply a special cleaning solution to remove them.

5.       Change your bed linens.  
Finally, make sure that you are able to change your linens. Have those heavy and thick bed linens dry cleaned. You can have the other ones washed in the laundry, those made of cotton. Use lighter fabrics during spring since it will get a bit warmer.

These are just some of the things you can do when spring comes. Cleaning up would be easier if you follow these simple tips., a website that can offer several solutions to your most unwanted problems.  Guest Post by Lauren T.

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