Thursday, May 24, 2012

Redecorating Around Your Fireplace

Your fireplace room provides a comfortable gathering place for a quiet evening alone or brunch with friends. With color, texture and accessories, you can decorate the room to include the fireplace without making it the sole design element. When considering decorating ideas, think about how the elements throughout the entire space combines to create an inviting fireplace room.

Start by choosing a focal point. While the fireplace dominates one wall, it need not be the center of attention. You might want to focus attention on the television, picture window or a framed work of art instead.

If your fireplace is the focal point, arrange a sofa or loveseat parallel to that fixture. Comfortable club chairs with ottomans flank the fireplace and create an intimate area of coziness and warmth. Additionally, the ottomans double as additional seating anywhere in the room.

Remember to include plenty of space for drinks or cards on game night. A coffee table in front of the sofa, end tables flanking the sofa or a separate bar area in the back of the room provide needed counter space.

With the furniture arranged, decorate the room according to your preferences and style. Incorporate color, texture and accessories as you create a physically inviting and visually pleasing room. Your first decision involves choosing a color palette. Consider the color of the fireplace then choose complementary colors for accessories.

If you don’t like the color of the fireplace, easily change it with a paint kit. A simple white fireplace is easy to incorporate into any design style when you use bright colored artwork, plants, area rugs and throw pillows. With a brick fireplace, incorporate rustic design elements. Hang canoe oars on the mantle or use wooden candle holders on the bookshelf. A stone fireplace accommodates shades of gray like charcoal, steel or pewter with warm accent colors.

No matter which color palette you choose, mix up the textures in the room to create visual appeal and flow. Soften the rough texture of a stone fireplace with smooth walls and flooring. Balance a smooth fireplace texture with a tiled mantle or a shag rug. Use combinations of textured materials like leather, vinyl, silk, cotton or marble, among others when you’re choosing furniture, hardware, décor and other design elements.

Flooring options make a great place to add texture. Sturdy and functional, flooring options also tie together your overall theme. Choose a floor with easy clean up, especially if you burn wood in your fireplace. Even cheap hardwood flooring makes a great choice because it’s easy to clean and available in a wide variety of colors and shades that match any design. Other flooring options include vinyl flooring, tile or carpeting. If you choose hardwood, add area rugs for color and comfort. For carpeting, consider purchasing a stain resistant finish that repels fireplace dirt.

Like the flooring, other elements of the room will be stationary. Design your room around these elements that may include windows, doors, bookshelves or a mantle. If the window is the focal point, capture attention when you use eye-catching colors for trim or large print in the window coverings. When decorating the mantle, follow the room’s color scheme and theme. Mount the television or a quilt or keep it clean for a simplistic design look.

If the bookshelves or columns are stationary and not the room’s focal point, minimize them if possible. Instead of packing them full of books or collectibles, simply place one or two elements on each shelf. Paint them a color that blends into the background. If the bookshelves are moveable, use them to flank the fireplace. Here, they reinforce the fireplace as the focal point and provide space to display collectibles and other décor elements like artwork, candles or pottery.

Add ambiance to your room by mounting a mirror on the mantle or on the wall that’s opposite of the fireplace. One large or several small mirrors reflect light and create a romantic ambiance.

In your fireplace room, your design preferences rule. Play by traditional home decorating rules or write your own rules. Whatever you choose, make sure the room is comfortable, inviting and ready for guests when you incorporate color, texture and accessories in your fireplace room.

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  1. The fireplace is the focus of the room the style and accessories that you have with your fireplace accent the room. It will define your taste and style of the whole decor.



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