Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Five Changes Landlords and Leasing Offices Can Make to Improve an Apartment or Condo

Once your tenant moves out of your home, apartment, or condo, even if they were a clean and respectful tenant, the property is going to need repairs. Depending on the type of property, you could have as little as a week to make any changes necessary to spruce up the home or apartment. If you are short on time and budget but want to do a quick remodel that will impress potential tenants, here are some ways to add some life back into a tired space.

Painting and repairing damaged walls

Not only can you use this time as an opportunity to spruce up a tired room with a warm and fresh coat of paint, but you can also repair any holes tenants might have left in the walls from hanging photos, shelves, or other wall d├ęcor. Unless you have drab white walls, when you plaster over holes, you’ll have to repaint the walls to cover the dried white plaster. Use this opportunity as a way to really change the appearance of any room. You can also use low-VOC paint as an eco-friendly paint alternative that emits fewer pollutants have a lower odor than traditional paints. This can also be an advantage when trying to rent the unit.

Repainting the fireplace/replacing the doors

Even in the mildest of climates, if your rental property features a fireplace, tenants will use it. As much warmth and enjoyment as a fireplace offers, having one in your rental property also means you’re left with the task of cleaning the ash and soot left behind after a fire. To remove the black marks a working fireplace leaves behind, repaint your fireplace each year to make it appear new. This fireplacepaint system from Brick-Anew can restore your fireplace in a matter of five or six hours and for only $200. You can also replace the fireplace doors to give the entire fireplace a brand new appearance.

Removing spots and stains from carpets

Even the tidiest of tenants will take a toll on your carpets, especially if kids or pets are living there. After your tenants have moved out, do a deep clean on your floors to make sure the space is move-in ready for your next tenants. Move tables, couches, and other large pieces of furniture to see what stains might be hiding on floors. For superficial stains, you might be able to use a simple stain lifting spray. For set-in stains, you can either rent a carpet steam cleaner or use carpet cleaning services for serious carpet repair.

Changing out drapes and upholstery

If you are furnishing your rental property for your tenants, reupholstering furniture and adding new fabrics is not only a way to freshen up a space, but it also a way to appeal to prospective renters. Consider recovering couches, loveseats, and chairs with new fabrics in neutral tones. Not only is this a great way to potentially cover some older pieces of furniture without having to replace them completely, but it’s also an easy way to breathe some new life into your rooms.

You can also include more eco-friendly fabrics in the space to appeal to more environmentally friendly prospective tenants. Purchase curtains that block out sunlight to prevent excess heat from staying in the room. This will not only keep rooms dark when needed, but will also help keep your energy bills down as your thermostat won’t have to battle against natural sunlight to keep your space cool.

Deep cleaning the kitchen to remove grease stains

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so make sure that you give it some TLC after your tenants move out. Clean burners and any vents above the stove to get rid of any caked on grease or food that might be left behind. Deep clean the oven to remove any baked on grease, and make sure to remove any grease that might have accumulated on your kitchen’s backsplash. If possible, move the stove and clean the area between the stove, countertops, and walls to really give your kitchen a deep clean.

With all these changes, you can have your rental property move-in ready in a matter of days. Your tenants will appreciate moving into a space that has been well maintained and repaired, and it will give you peace of mind to know you’re providing a quality space for rent.  

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  1. These tips look great for anyone wanting to rejuvenate their home, as well as for landlords



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