Monday, May 14, 2012

Operation Fantastic: Den Dramatic

This is my neighbor's fireplace. She has been trying to decide for the last six months what she wanted to do with her awkward fireplace. She wanted to keep her den the same color-wise and she knew she couldn't refurnish the entire room so I pulled out all the Fireplace Makeover's that I have helped transform. It took a while for us to convince her husband but we made a go of it anyway.

As you can see the fireplace brick was covered in soot from the previous years of fireplace use and the brick left a lot to be desired. So, she chose a color (Twilight Taupe) and we decided to try one small brick. We followed the whole procedure, step by step as the kit said and it looked awesome. When we showed her husband he was finally excited and said go for it, so we did. Here are the amazing results.

Since this photo was taken she has since changed her carpet color to a chocolate brown and added new furniture and I am still trying to get her to let me take a picture!!!

Brick Paint Kit - Twilight Taupe
Black Firebox Paint
Brick Fireplace Cleaner
Economical Fireplace Glass Doors

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