Monday, September 17, 2012

How I Did a Kitchen Makeover in One Weekend

My kitchen always looked like a hurricane hit it. There were pots in the sink or on the counter. I had various items sprawled across the counter tops all the time. You could even possibly see a plate or two that just didn’t quite make it the extra two inches to the sink or better yet – the dishwasher. It was such a mess.

That was until I decided enough was enough – I needed to do something that would beautify my kitchen without spending gobs of money doing it. I decided to do a kitchen makeover in one weekend.

First Thing I Did: Organized

I found that my biggest problem was that I was always leaving items all over the place. Some of the things didn’t even belong in the kitchen. I made a pact with myself that I would find a place for everything, and I would put whatever needed to be there once I was finished with something.
Once I started to put things away, I quickly learned why it can be difficult for me to keep things tidy in my kitchen. There was just no room for all of the stuff that I had. My pots were coming out of the drawers so much I couldn’t even close them. I also had nowhere to put items that I had resorted to keeping out all of the time such as the toaster oven, toaster, coffee machine, bread maker, and the list goes on.

I couldn’t stand the clutter though. I hardly had counter space because of all this stuff. I had to go to the home improvement store to find out what I had to do about this situation.

I was in luck! I found dozens of handy organizational tools that would help me get everything into my cupboards.
  • I bought a wired shelf that you can place plates on the bottom and the top; instead of just having one level of plates.

  • I bought the same type of shelf for my glasses and mugs. That way, I was able to fit double the amount of them.

  • For my pots and pans, I decided to move them over to the larger cupboard underneath my sink since I have more space, and again used the wired shelves in a bigger size, so I was able to neatly place one pot in its place rather than stacking them up haphazardly.

  • I found a nice hanging cleaning supplies organizer to hang on my kitchen closet door. This way, I could place all of my cleaning products into bins, and hang mops, brooms, and dusters all in one place.

To make more room for my pantry items, I organized all of the can goods and placed them in bins I bought at the store. I marked the bin with something like “beans” or “vegetables.” That way, when I was looking for something in particular, I could easily go to the right bin.

With all of these organization tools, I was able to free up an incredible amount of space, and my kitchen already looked like it had a makeover. What was my next step you should ask?

I Deep Cleaned the Kitchen

As you’ll see in the photo, my kitchen is white and stainless. If it’s not clean, you’ll see it. I got out all the cleaning products I had and put my gloves on. I looked like I was going into surgery, and that is what it felt like too. I scrubbed harder than I ever scrubbed before – the kitchen had never looked so….sterile.

I’m happy with the results. I have been able to keep the kitchen in its nice, clean, and happy state for three months now. And, I don’t intend to change it one bit.

Marcelina Hardy wrote this guest post. She wanted to help others struggling to keep their kitchen clean with the ways that she has found to be so effective in her Austin downtown condominium, which is one of the best Austin luxury condos in Texas.

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