Monday, September 17, 2012

Afraid to Paint your Brick Fireplace?

This was an easier project then I thought. This product is amazing! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! These are the most recent comments and letters that I have received after months of showing off my how to paint brick and keep it looking like brick. Brick Paint is not to be feared, just look at the amazing results. They are all over my blog. Not only have I personally helped with doing a lot of these fireplaces but I have also posted a photo of my own fireplace. You may be intimidated to get started but there is truly nothing to worry about. The brick paint kits that I have used repeatedly for many months now come with an easy to follow DVD and all the supplies you need to get your old brick fireplace modernized and warming your comfort room this season.

Here is Peg's letter to me last week:
"We’re so happy with these results. This is a remarkable product! I was nervous to start this project, but once I started it was so fast and easy. Everyone thinks this is the natural color of the brick. I’ve wanted to do something to this fireplace for years and was about to give in and just paint it when I found your website. Thank you for a great product!" - Peg
Peg used: Twilight Taupe

Why not add a beautiful new fireplace glass door while you are making things more beautiful in your home? Right now the cost's are down before the colder weather set's in. You can replace your glass

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