Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Painting A Brick Fireplace

There are many reason why people hesitate when painting a brick fireplace. Most people do not want a painted over look that take the actual look and feel of brick away from their fireplaces. They also don't want it to look like an amateur did the painting, although most folks don't have prior painting experience and if they do it is very little. What is wonderful about an inclusive brick paint product is that it is not like real paint from the local hardware stores, it is specifically formatted to be absorbed by your brick to help keep that look.

While many people are hesitant to try a new look on their brick for fear of getting stuck with something they are not happy with, the brick paint product sold by Brick Anew comes with a guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, and you have followed each step as it is given to you, they will give you your money back. How awesome is that? Not only will you keep your fantastic looking fireplace looking like brick, but you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the product.

Brick Paint has three beautifully themed colors - All which allow easy matching up with almost every decor you may have in your room with the fireplace.
  • Twilight Taupe
  • Misty Harbor 
  • Frosted Sunshine
Can you paint your brick fireplace with any kind of paint? Well, I am sure you can but will it keep that brick look? With the paint offered here you can refresh your old brick and give it any look you want, modern, contemporary and regardless of your choice of color, you are sure to warm the room and give a comfortable feeling.

More Beautiful and Affordable Solutions to Make Your Fireplace Incredible:


  1. Can you tell me what Brick paint was used for renovating the brick wall?

    1. The Brick-Anew twilight taupe paint kit. www.brick-anew.com



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