Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Painting Fireplace Brick

We’re constantly doing just about everything in our power to stay current, especially in our homes. We change the curtains, the carpet, the counters, the cabinets—whenever we notice some aspect of our house that’s embarrassingly behind the times, we’re usually pretty quick to take action.

For some reason, though, we’re more reluctant to move forward when it comes to that painting fireplace brick. Maybe it’s because we incorrectly assume that bringing the fireplace up to speed will cost us a fortune. Maybe it’s because we subscribe to that age-old myth that you can’t paint brick. Whatever our irrational rationale, we give in to paralysis. And the result? Well, actually, nothing.

Ugly old brick remains ugly old brick—until you take charge.

If you truly want to catch up with the present, it starts in the home. And the most obvious, most glaring, most desperately out of date part of the home is also the home’s focal point: the fireplace.
Whether updating your fireplace’s appearance means installing a new mantel or a new set of fireplace doors, or going all out by painting the existing drab brick and bringing it almost instantly back to life, you can’t go wrong once you assume responsibility for your home’s appearance. Check out this line of premium fireplace paints and accessories, and bring your home into the 21st century.

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