Thursday, January 17, 2013

Painting Brick Fireplace Ideas for the DIYer

We recently decided to start our newest project after researching all the options available for brick fireplace paint. My husband and I stumbled across your Fireplace Decorating Blog articles and all the people that have actually used this fireplace paint. We were impressed and nervous but we went on ahead an placed the order.

We chose Twilight Taupe - and painted the old brick fireplace in our den.  We are so happy with the results!!  We did a kitchen renovation (the kitchen and den are adjoined) and have received the most compliments on the fireplace - it is now such a great accent and a highlight in the space. - Kristen

Here are some more wonderful fireplace painting ideas


  1. It looks so good, and so natural... Like it was always that color to begin with! Amazing...

    hugs x

  2. The fireplace looks so much better. It's beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for coming over and strutting your stuff.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Mop It Up Monday. I just painted my fireplace last week!! Loving the change!



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